Rope reins


All reins are 1/2 inch in width and 10 feet in length.  They come with trigger snaps.

All rope products are available in the following colors:
black,blue,blue/pink,brown, brown/blue,brown/tan,burgundy, green,navyblue,neongreen, neon/pink,orange,pink, pink/grey,purple, purple/yellow,red,
red/grey,bk/blue, bk/neongreen,
bk/orange,bk/pink, bk/purple,bk/red,bk/yellow.

NEW – turquoise.


Product Description

Dawn Bonin Horsemanship carries a premium line of rope products.

Double Braided Polyester ropes are;

Firm or soft and durable unlike cheap halter cords and webbing, Polyester will not harden or powder with age. It is unaffected by water, will not rot, mold or mildew and is resistant to most acids and oils.

Knots tied in polyester will hold tight, but can always be undone should adjustment be required.

Fully washable when it gets dirty just throw it into the washing machine to look good as new. Polyester can be washed with normal household detergents in warm water.

Color fast will have only minor fading over the long life of the rope.

Low abrasion polyester produces less friction so that means a greatly reduced chance of rope burn and less abrasion on your horse’s skin. Combined with a comfortable weight in the hand our Double Braid rope is perfect for all natural horsemanship techniques.

All reins are 1/2 inch in width and 10 feet in length.  They come with trigger snaps.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

Bk/blue, Bk/neongreen, Bk/orange, Bk/pink, Bk/purple, Bk/red, Bk/yellow, Black, Blue, Blue/pink, Brown, Brown/blue, Brown/tan, Burgundy, Burgundy/white, Green, Navy blue, Neon green, Neon pink, Orange, Pink, Pink/grey, Purple, Purple/yellow, Red, Red/grey, Red/white/blue, Tan, Turquoise